IF:Clemmons 2017

At IF:Gathering 2017, we’ll look at one of the most influential generations that have ever lived — the early church. The way God moved through them was simple and pure. We believe they are the model we need right now.

Our dream is that we would experience the power of God as He does big things through simple acts of faith. That we live unified, surrendered to God, not just in our minds and in our theology, but also in our daily lives.

Our hope is that we would participate with the Spirit of God and see Him go forth in our generation in a most powerful way.

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Conference Details

Clemmons United Methodist Church

Clemmons United Methodist Church, Ministry Center
3700 Clemmons Road, Clemmons, NC 27012

Saturday, May 13th: 10 am – 4 pm (snacks and lunch provided)*

*childcare is not provided this year

Pay What You Can. Suggested amount: $8 to cover materials, facilities, and food. Cash and check only please.

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